Friday, 18 December 2009

My christmas gift list...

For Mario- A flower power and 3 1-ups.

For Sonic- New shoes (Burnt a hole in his old ones), a couple of rings and a good game for him to star in.

For Marcus Fenix- A cuddly pink teddy bear.

For Master Chief- A face.

For Pac-man- A poltergust 3000. (Think about it)

For Chris Redfield- More steroids!

For Sackboy- A sewing kit in case of emergencies.

Finally, for Link- A piece of the Triforce (Available at all good retailers)

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A clean slate.

Don't you just love that feeling when you have just finished a MAHOOOSIVE report, saved it and let it be done?

I have just finished my SOTD and I'm feeling very relieved that I have a clean slate with no work outstanding for next year.

Next term is gonna be awesome, it sounds like my ideal term down to a T. I canny wait to pitch my game to Ubisoft, I'll be like:

"Bitch, you be buying my game."

Joking obviously, Kelly would charge me though a wall if I did that.

I'll most likely do a couple of blogs before that popular holiday, can't remember the name now.

Avatar tomorrow! Yaaayyy!

Work after! YAAAAaaay-y-y?

Friday, 11 December 2009

Good news & Bad news

I'll start with the bad. Although I have already bought my ticket for the christmas party on monday I can't go. The reason? Is actually because of the good news.

I have a job! I have got a part time job in Somerfield and have to start on monday. I thought it was best not to miss my first day on the job so that results inno Christmas party for me. Gutted.

I'm also downloading the trial for World of Warcraft. If I like it I'll be buying all the stuff and playing in Jauary ready for Pedgey's Warcraft Night :D
Now I'm off to finish cleaning the whole house so I can have money to see Paranormal Activity with Steph and some others from old school tomorrow :)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Diary of a videogame character.

Princess Peach's Diary

13th September 1985.

Today has been the longest day ever. Seriously. Never before has a day dragged on so long, not since Toadsworth's last birthday dinner (He's very old now so I'm sure I won't have to sit through many more.)

Back on topic. Today started off just like any other, had a wild party last night so I was literally hanging when I woke up in me quarters today. And guess who was in my bed? That lanky italian bloke I was grinding with last night, the one who likes green. Yeah so he sorta stumbled out of bed grabbed a couple of mushrooms and left! All he could do was stutter and look horrified. Charming.

So after scoffing about twenty turnips for breakfast (Growing Princess needs her food!) I was just lying on the grass outside watching about twenty Toads running round after a misbehaving chain chomp when I felt extremely tired. I just blacked out.

Next thing I knew I was in some random dungeon chained to a grimy wall in a room that smelt like P**s.

Turns out some random horny giant turtle (horny in both ways) had took me straight from the castle grounds right in front of the panicking Toads! Useless tw*ts.

So I was left in this stinky ass dungeon for hours and hours listening to the turtle upstairs laughing to himself.

Turns out the castle cameras had caught the whole kidnapping on CCTV and it was all over the Mushroom Kingdom News! (any publicity is good publicity).

Now I have no idea why this turtle wanted me, he just kept coming downstairs and staring at me with his big red eyes, he did at one point give me a ring but I thought he was just teasing, I doubt he seriously thought I would marry him! Either way, when I refused it seemed to P*ss him off slightly.

I kept dozing off throughout the day, sometimes woken up by this ugly little sh*t that looked like a walking spud. Seriously. He just kept humping my leg. I thought I heard him say "goomba" a couple of times too but I was slightly delirious at this point.

So just as I was losing all hope and had ate all my 1-up mushrooms (nom nom nom) I started to hear lots and lots of bangs, screams, roars and jumping sounds.

It was quite exciting I must admit. I was dragged to another room by a smaller turtle (I don't like turtles) and told to wait there. I could just see throught the door a man in overalls similar to the bloke I had that one night stand last night! My heart literally dropped and I can just remember thinking "please just go away, anywhere but here."

The big horny turtle ( probably not quite as horny then eh?) stormed in and started shooting big fireballs at the stalker man ! I didn't know whether to be pleased or not!

I remember thinking the man in overalls seemed to have put on quite a bit of weight since I saw him this morning and was quite shorter! He ran quite quickly for his size and did the most spectacular jumps, I was quite impressed. The man in overalls dodged the giant turtles attacks, pushed this big ominous button that come to think of it I could have done hours ago and took the turtle out as the bridge they were on fell followed by the big turtle.

The moustached man in overalls just stood there staring at me panting and huffing looking rather delirious. It was then I realised he wasn't the same bloke from last night. He preferred the red colour scheme and had a more manly moustache!

He introduced himself as Mario, and he told me that his brother Luigi was running here playing catch-up! I was absolutely stunned, they were brothers. I had two italian brothers tying to impress me with daring rescues. Sh*t.

Mario asked me what his prize was and gave me a nod and I wink. I just said "Next time you save me I promise I'll bake you a cake" and I left.

Walked all the way home through 8 bloody worlds looking worse than I had last night. Gone straight to bed and that's where I am now. None of the Toads have seen me yet so I take it they still think I'm dead or some horny turtles sex toy. Either way, I couldn't care less.

Going to sleep now. Don't wanna see any italians in overalls, green or red ever again. Come to think of it, the giant turtle wasn't too bad though.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Jingle Bells!

Only three weeks before we break up for Christmas!

I can't believe how fast it's come and how fast our first term on the gaming course has gone.

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of the year, what with all the lights, the music, the parties and yes the presents!
There're a lot of games that I would like Santa Claus to bring me this year so I'm sure I'll have no shortage of things to do in the holiday.

Any particular games your wanting the fat man in red to bring you this year?

Monday, 23 November 2009

What gaming's all about...

What have I been up to lately?


I have saved princesses from terrifying beasts, travelled through space and time, survived zombie apocalypses, saved the world on the brink of war, mastered the magics, found the american dream in Liberty City, defended the planet from alien invasions, assassinated famous historical figures, discovered underwater utopias, conquered hidden temples and saved the universe in my lunch break. I'm a gamer. What have you done lately?

Sometimes I just can't understand why people don't like gaming. Everyone loves to watch a good movie, games allow us to play that movie! To become a part of the experience and control the outcome. There's so many experiences out there in the for of videogames it's clear that anything is possible.

We all know it's not likely that a princess will be calling our names for help any time soon. or that we'll be sent to a mining ship infested with multi limbed monsters. Exciting stuff like that just doesn't happen. Video games gives us these experiences to play and live through. For the time we are playing we become Niko Bellic, Chris Redfield, Mario, Lara Croft and so on.

A lot of people say "It's not healthy to live your life through video games, you shouldn't be playing on them as much.". Fair enough. But what would we be doing if we weren't playing video games? Reading? Watching a whole lot of television? The truth is we wouldn't be any more better off without video games. They allow us to live these experiences and learn life lessons for ourselves, we discover the answers to escape from the temples., we solve the riddlers riddles in Arkham.

For me that's a whole lot more exciting than watching a movie, and I really don't think there is any problems to playing video games.

So, the point I'm trying to make was inspired by the lecture today and that point is: Is video game addiction really all that bad?

Rant over.

Signing off.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Theres more to come!

You'll notice that I have alot of ideas whether it's for new games, movies, comic storylines and such, thats because I have such an active imagination and I always loved to write stories when I was younger.

I thought of doing another (lengthy) blog similar to my 2 parter about new game directions for older titles as most people seemed to have read them and although they may have not agreed with my ideas they still appreciated and commented on their thoughts. There are many paths I would like to take into this industry and although I can only really take one I would like to get a bit of practice in all. One of these paths is games journalism so you can see why I like writing articles on my blog!


I'll be working on a games to movies article over the weekend, possibly earlier if I get the chance. I'll be writing about how I would make a couple of popular videogames into movies so general storyline, casting, certain sequences and so on.
If you actually are interested in what I write then just drop us a comment about any topics or ideas you'd like to be written about in the future and I'll have a crack at a couple!

It gets me practise, provides you with something to read when your bored and I actually enjoy it ^_^

So I'll be blogging my latest article later on in the week.

See you all on thursday!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Now that's better!

I have no idea why I find myself blogging whilst sitting in bed all snuggled up but hey ho (you really didn't need to know that either).

I thought today's presentations were really good so well done everyone who did their's! You've set the bar rather high I must say, and I felt quite happy when Kelly came in our HTML class just to tell us that the presentations in the morning were better than GS93's >:) Only joking of course! But made me chuckle nonetheless.

Last time we had an assignment deadline things went rather bad for me (see one of my very early posts). I didn't quite understand why Kelly was angry at me for something I couldn't control (work not being converted properly on friday morning; deadline). It was only until about a week after that I realised she was right in that if I had been more organised and tested the conversion process beforehand instead of leaving it last minute I wouldn't have been in that situation and had to check Kelly's "Bovvered" pocket.

This time I was more on the ball!

I tested the conversion process (recently got Microsoft Office for Mac) earlier this week to find no problemos and sorted out arrangements to have the projector ready to be played from my mac as I had a problem with the videos.

I've handed in my work with 0 problems and 0 stress and I'm really looking forward to presenting next week!

Now I've finished this assignment I'm getting straight started on the next which is the Videogame Industries with posters one (can't remember the actual name) and starting that on Sunday.

No longer shall I leave work to complete on the last week.

I'm a recovering procrastinator and need to make sure I don't leave work late again like the Mario project.

That is all.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Confession time.

Hi everyone.

My name is Cameron Foster.

And I'm a procrastinator.

It's like a session at alcoholics anonymous only about an addiction to putting work off till the last minute. I always manage to do it, I leave work to instead play games, read shit, go out and whatever instead of actually cracking down. It may sound stupid but I never miss a deadline.


I always get the work done, on time and to the best of my ability but I always put it off until a week or so before the deadline. I did it at school and I did it with the Mario project.

Now it's not got me in trouble yet because I'm always so determined to get work in on time and I always do it's just a habit that makes things harder for me as I usually end up with a mahoosive pile of work to do in the space of a few days.

I've got 1 whole digital communication to do tomorrow for thursdays presentation and I'm proud to say I've set the alarm for 10.00AM and I'll be getting straight up, getting ready then cracking on with the work instead of getting distracted by GTA 4.

On a higher note I'm very glad to be at Confetti, my tutorial with Kelly went very well and I appreciate how much she tries to make the experience better for us all!

Tomorrows plans: Finish Presentation, phone Chimera (comic shop) to see if I have the job, go to Nottingham, get photo taken, Our House musical rehearsal.

Overall busy day!

See you all on thursday and if I don't get chance to say it before, good luck with your presentations!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Half term shenanigans.

You want teh truth? There was no half term shenanigans for me. It's been really boring which only proves how much I enjoy Confetti as Im bored without it

The half term started great with the London MCM Expo trip which was awesome! Loads of stuff to see and do including semi naked lab girls, Tekken, Left 4 Dead 2 and David Lafuente! (artist for Ultimate Spider-man) when I got home that very night the house was full of family and friends for my Mum's birthday bash which went on to the early hours of the morning.

The rest of the half term went really s-l-o-w.

Highlights: Grandparents getting a puppy schitzu. Buying GTA Episodes from Liberty City.

Thats about it!

Halloween's been a bit of a dud really, took my sister out trick or treating earlier.

Can't wait to get back to college!

Still got plenty to do on my Digi Comms assignment but I've done plenty of research so hopefully I've got lotsa detail to put into it and be able to teach you all a thing or two (hopefully!)

See you all on monday !

Friday, 23 October 2009

Nearly There!

So excited about Saturday it's mad!

Never been to a proper big expo like this London one so it'll be a geek's dream come true :D
Gonna take my huge photographer camera ad just take pictures of everything and anything. Plus me and Steph have a competition to see whi can get their pics taken with the most fail cosplayer they can find lmao >:)
I'm cosplaying as Zelda and my Nanah has just about finished my costume, just need the wig :)

Operation steal the warthog is a go. It will be done.

Finally got Microsoft Word for Mac (thanks Steph) so now I should have no problems doing my assignments.

Off now to lounge around and count my munnyz for tomorrow.

Oh and I was joking about the Zelda cosplay. I'm going as yoshi. If somebody wants to help me figure out how to lay spotted eggs it would be a great help for my costume :)

see you tomorrow! (whoever's going)
I'm joking about the whole Yoshi thing as well. I'm going as Kirby.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Awesome internet game :D

Just roaming the net at ridiculous hours in the morning and found a really good game to play:

Its an RPG parodying the internet and forums and such with it's own false forums, internet browser and so on. It's so funny and the whole idea made me chuckle so I thought I'd share the lurve.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Job roles in the industry.

There are many job roles in the games industry as we found out in last weeks lecture with kelly. There are jobs such as art designer, lead art designer, level designer, sound production, executive producer, producer, the list goes on and on...

After playing Uncharted 2 Among Thieves earlier today (which is awesome btw ^-^) I noticed when I connected online for the multiplayer a banner advertising career opportunities in Naughty Dog so I thought I'd check it out for this homework.

I thought I'd look at the "Game Designer" career opening as it's the path I'd most like to go down.


  • Responsible for the planning, layout, setup, and tuning of game levels
  • Responsible for designing and producing engaging and fun third-person action gameplay and levels
  • Act as producer for levels you design, as well as other parts of the game, collaborating across disciplines to get work done and clear dependencies, ensuring deadlines are met, and championing aspects of the gameplay
  • Work directly with artists, programmers, animators and other game designers to contribute to the vision of the game
  • Responsible for level layout by creating simplified level geometry and performing extensive play-testing and iteration
  • Work with programmers to develop tools on an ongoing basis

So after looking at these responsibilities it's clear the games designers need to have a knowledge of all aspects involved in the making of games in order to make sure the design process runs smoothly and goes the way they want it to, ensuring their vision is fulfilled.

Requirements & Skills

  • Experience designing levels for console games
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of games industry experience
  • Strong methodology and problem solving ability and with a focus on creative, fun and innovative solutions
  • Strong and effective communication skills
  • Exceptional team player with the ability to collaborate without losing sight of the gameplay vision
  • Willingness to take design direction when offered
  • Experience playing 3rd person action games
  • Very good working knowledge of Maya, 3DS Max or similar 3D package
  • Experience of developing third-person action games a bonus
  • Experience of scripting set-up for action games a bonus
  • Desire to be a part of the Naughty Dog team

The list of skills and requirements needed for the job proves that the games designer needs to have a good amount of knowledge in all aspects of the industry and job roles. From what I gather after last session and just researching the role of games designer, they basically come up with the premise of games, the story, characters, basic premise for the levels and the overall direction for the game including the decision of the genre of the game for example FPS, RTS, Puzzler and so on.

They would have to keep in constant communication with other departments in order to make sure that the designing progress is running parallel with their designs.

A new start cont.

Ok so I promised that I would finish my article about my new ideas for games which need a nudge in a different direction. The pressures on as I have already received subtle threats from Richard but at least if he doesn't like my ideas, theres not really a chance of them being made !

The Legend of Zelda has been a widely celebrated and hugely successful series chock full of quality games the latest being "Twilight Princess" for the Wii and Gamecube. For me it's quite clear that the formula; go around a hub world, enter dungeon, find keys, unlock doors, fight boss, get new weapon, was, rinse and repeat all the way until you fight big scary Ganon, is showing some signs of getting old. I mean we have been doing this all the way back to the NES days!

So how can you make a classic franchise feel new and fresh again without making it a whole new game completely? Here's how I would do it...

My legend Of Zelda would be set in the present day. Yes you heard right. Here me out before you come charging over with pitchforks first though. Every legend of Zelda has been set in some medieval kingdom, mainly always Hyrule. So how cool would it be to see the story transend into the present day?!

The story of rescuing the princess from a threatening dictator or monster is a classic and more than that; timeless.

So our story goes very much like every other legend of zelda. A small time farm boy called whoever you want but let's just call him Link. So Link tends the crops, has to heard the sheep and look after the animals. He lives with his grandpa and runs errands round the small farm village. This would be the opening of the game and play as the tutorial.

Near the farm village is a huge sprawling metropolis City with towering shiny skyscrapers and large iron bridges crossing the lakes that separate the boroughs. The city is full of rich townfolk and poor beggars and other interesting characters.

All events of previous Zelda games have been lost in time, only to be pursued by Link's crackpot neighbour who has scrolls containing info on all the original characters and such. He also claims to know the whereabouts of the original mastersword...

I'm aware of the length of this blog so i'll try and make the rest quick ;)

So the story goes, the world is experiencing natural disaster after natural disaster, along with growing conflicts in the world all drawing closer to the main sprawling city. The source of these problems; the triforce.
The city is built on the original resting place of the uber powerful triforce however legend has it, it was destroyed. But now it's regathering it's power drawing energy from the city, causing blackouts and such.

A woman DA for now let's just call her Zelda, has become a public figure head for persevering in the war on crime and constantly putting criminals from the city behind bars. She's the ultimate good and everyone adores her. Her partner is not so successful never has a spot in the limelight however it's true that he has never done anything to help. Lets call her partner Ganon.

Long story short Ganon is the decedant of the original Ganondorf and wants to finish his ancestor's work by using the power of the triforce to rule the earth, therefore to do this he has secretly become the kingpin of crime, secretly organising all the crime lords and local hoods. He discovered the the newly risen triforce in the deep underground caverns of the city and has been secretly absorbing it's powers.

Our hero, Link all this time has set off on an adventure after witnessing his crackpot neighbour foretell a prophecy of him saving the world from an evil dictator he sets off to the the city on his trusty Epona... a motorcyle ;)

The gameplay, resembles GTA what with the free roam however there are dungeons such as the sewers, a huge skyscraper, a dam, the slums and so on where the players will get new weapons and abilities.

The last third of the the game is bedlam as ganon has revealed himself to be the main protaganist, he unleashes the triforces and his own newfound power, freeing demons into the city and causing destruction everywhere. We learn that the famous DA is actually the decendant of Zelda and he takes her hostage along with the mayor and traps them in the main skyscraper.

Link has to rescue them, zooming round the streets on "epona" killing the demons and goblins with the original Link's weapons and tunic after discovering it in a crypt.

The final battle is link and zelda on "epona" facing off against a fully powered 80ft tall Ganon monster, smashing skyscrapers and such.

Phew. Done. this was only gonna be a quickie but I got so many ideas running through my head i couldnt stop typing ^-^

Hope you like my ideas, like I say, it's just my opinion. You might have better ideas! This'll be our jobs to come up with stuff like this so best to get the creative juices flowing early yeh ? ;)

Please give me your opinions in the comments box! I love to read 'em :D


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A new start

We've seen many videogame franchises dominate the charts and our consoles for years, rising up through sequels, spin-offs, TV shows and comics. However what goes up must come down and inevitably most huge franchises take a dive and end up in a slew of downright insulting games with cheap gimmicks and poor gameplay mechanics (insert Sonic game here).

So I was thinking if I had the chance to revive a couple of these failing franchises where would I take them? What would I have them do? Here's a couple of my ideas...


Sonic the hedghog:
Let's start with the obvious. Since the jump to 3-D Sonic has failed miserably to capture our hearts and run away with them, completely lacking the sense of speed that he mastered so greatly in the genesis days he just hasn't been up to scratch lately. Too many characters have been introduced taking away Sonic's uniqueness and just generally being poorly designed; Big the Cat -_- Although Sega has announced that they are making a new full 2-D Sonic game we all know they will some how screw this up so here's how I would do it.
Firstly bring him back to 2-D and stay 2-D. Not some crummy 2.5-D it would be in full cartoon graphics complete with a colour palette that looked like a rainbow had vomited all over it. Sonic was always bright, colourful and striking and that would be the same in the re-boot of my Sonic series. The game would play exactly like the classic genesis games with 3 acts and the last ending in a boss battle.
As for characters there would only be Sonic and Robotnik, yes you heard correctly. The name is Doctor Robotnik not Eggman! The Sonic cartoons for me were interesting as they portrayed Sonic as a freedom fighter against the dictatorship society run by Robotnik. This would play a big part in the storyline for my reboot.
As for the story Sonic games have never had decent stories I mean one of the later ones implied a romantic relationship between a young girl (human) and Sonic (hedgehog) which is clearly against all reason and sanity in our society. In my reboot Sonic the hedgehog is a young adult (you get what I mean) who's family was enslaved and eventually tortured to death by Robotnik. The players would learn this via a series of playable flashbacks where Sonic as a young child flees from the capturing of his family and experiences his first sense of speed. The players would need to be careful as he would be slightly unstable, stumbling, slipping and getting tired which would add a new gameplay element different to the other levels in the present day. (these flashbacks would only be a couple of levels). We learn that Sonic never focused on the loss of his family as he never stopped running. He dealt with his problems by running away from them. Literally. This would be a lot deeper Sonic with reasons for what he is doing. Sonic runs away from Morbius (Morbius now being a country instead of a planet) and grows into a young adult, living life running and trying to have fun. Sonic's a loner who believes that anyone he loves would get hurt as Robotnik vowed that Sonic would be hunted down and killed, therefore he never has any friends or relationships but always seems like a fun loving character. The story goes on to how he returns to Morbius and races across the lands to free the country from Robotniks clutches. Maybe at the end it would be possible to introduce a younger Tails who's parents were also killed looking to Sonic as a role model, however Sonic not ready to accept him.
The gameplay would be the same: run from left to right. With hand drawn cartoon graphics and fully animated cutscenes the game could look beautiful.
The reboot is basically taking Sonic back to his roots, mimicking almost entirely the genesis gameplay style however adding more depth to the characters, a more reasonable story and an origin for the main man himself!

So what do you think? Am I completely off the mark and the idea of making a troubled character with true motivations just too much for a game about running? Maybe you even like the 3-D games? Maybe you like the Eggman title? (yeah like that would ever happen) Or maybe you just have a better idea...
Sound your opinions in the comments section!

Tomorrow I'll be continuing the topic with my new direction for the Legend Of Zelda series (yeah... I went there!)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Just babbling

I haven't really got a topic so like it says on the title this post is just going to be me babbling on about anything and everything...

So last week at Confetti was great fun, got a fair few assignments to do but we do have a fair amount of time to do them in (thank god). Tuesdays are proving to be a bit of a nightmare coming back from Confetti as the last bus is at 6 or something and we never get there in time meaning we have to wait for the next one which comes at 7:40 pm *facepalm*. (oh and we meaning Jordan and I)

Wednesday I auditioned for a musical we're doing in the Television Workshop, the musical being Our House :D First time I sang in front of people and thankfully I didn't sound like a strangled cat so I have got a call back for another audition soon.... (fingers crossed!) On the note of musicals i would also like to make an apology to Pete as I couldn't make the play he was workin' the lights on which is a shame as I love watching the plays around in Nott's, I had to go to another audition instead and that wasn't too exciting!

This weekend apart from last night I've done bugger all really, tried to do more on my Digi Comms assignment but couldn't get the creative juices flowin which is rather strange as I seem to be able to work my best when I'm staying up in the early hours typing at the speed of light (maybe a slight exaggeration somewhere in that statement)

Just realised how much I've wrote and not one bit of it is particularly thrilling so sorry about that...
I've also gotta say I'm so excited about teh London trip to the MCM Expo!! It'll be great :D
See you all monday!
(>'')> ^( ' ' )^ <(''<)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Starting a company...

I've been thinking since I saw Raiden's impressive work on his Sonic game that it would be possible for us all to form a small company and make our own full game.In GS92 everyone is extremely capable and competent in this area and we have people who could work on the technical side of things, art department, story development and so on...
It may sound alot to start up a company and work on a game and also sound stressful as we have work to do at Confetti too however if we start early preferably within the next few months we have a full two years, possibly more to make this game which means we don't have huge amounts of pressure!
We all obviously want to work in the games industry and this course is clearly the best way to it however having a full game and possibly company under our belts is something that would give us a huge advantage!

It would be great fun and if we end up making something good we could even possibly make more of it instead of just keeping it to ourselves.

Yeah I know it's a big commitment but Joe, Jacob and I have all thought about it and come to the conclusion it would be well worth the effort.

So if anybody is interested in forming a company and making a game please comment below.
We'll hold a meeting (maybe at confetti) when we have enough people interested to discuss company names, objectives and aims and whatever including ideas for a game we would like to start work on.

This is an opportunity we might not get for a while and we should take it!
Hope to hear from you !

Monday, 5 October 2009

Something Epic...

I grew up with Disney movies as I'm sure alot of you all did. I became engrossed in the tales of monsters, genies and the famous Disney characters.
My favourites were always the core cast of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy and I've happened to come across something that may very well change the way I look at them forever...
Disney interactive and Junction Point studios have joined forces in creating a game for the Wii which is totally unique and something I would have never expected to see before.. The game is codnamed "Epic Mickey" and has only a few concept art images released however these are truly awesome! The images show strange apocalyptic versions of famous Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Goofy and the Cinderella Castle.

The only info released on the game apart from the concept art is this: "See the world of Disney like you've never seen it before in this exclusive Wii game featuring a twisted, alternative version of many of the characters and settings loved by Disney fans."

And Disney has promised to reveal an "iconic" new game on the 28th of October!

So what do you guys think? Ruining childhood memories? Too strange to sell? Awesome!?
Sound off in the comments part!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Add me on Xbox Live :)

Hey just thought to give me you all my xbox live gamertag so you can all add me :)

cam1905 (no caps)

and for PSN it's cam195

However I'm on Xbox Live more

see you all next monday!

Thank god thats done with!

Ok so I've finally handed in my Mario assignment after the painstaking process it took to complete this task. Funnily enough I found doing the assignment itself very fun and interesting but it was the part after that which I had my problems in...

So at 1 AM this morning I had finally finished the last touches on my presentation and just copied it into my usb drive. I decided to check if it had copied alright and to my horror all the images had dissappeared! I literally couldn't move I was that angry :P So that resulted in me staying up for another hour getting all my images back from the internet and copying them back onto my slideshow. After that all seemed well, I could sleep in peace. And I did.

But all was not over...

So today i arrived at Confetti and went straight to the resource centre, put my usb into the computer, opened the presentation and guess what... no images! Kelly's advice was to consult her "Bovvered Pocket" which yielded no results so it was left to me to yet again put all the images onto the presentation all over again. An hour and a half later I was done. I handed my essay, presentation and cover into EST and left without looking back!

So in conclusion the work itself was fine, the process into printing said work was horrific. Never again shall I use Open Office... until I know exactly what I'm doing with it.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

My time at Confetti...

Ok so been here for a couple of weeks now and so far it's pretty cool. I love the course, the things we learn and how we're taught. Our group GS92 is by far the best (maybe because I don't know many others from the other groups) but in all seriousness I enjoy talking to everyone in the group and love how everyone's different.

The lessons themselves are always chilled out and full of banter, fun and games (obvs)

I'm looking forward to the other cool stuff we're gonna learn here.

I think I have successfully earned a place as Kelly's personal "Douchebag" as I have yet to go through a lesson with her without being laughed at in some manner. But all is gurd, I'm used to that shiz.

Can't think of anything else remotely interesting to say to be honest so I'm off!


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stupid FLV Movies!

I'm really stumped on how to convert .FLV movies into .MOV movies for iMovie! So I used the kiss thingy that Kelly told us all but I cant remember how to do the rest! Can someone help? Rupees for the person who does

Computer game platform and technologies cont.

Didn't get to finish my last post so here's the last part :)
So after playing Left4Dead and camping in a bathroom (which didn't work due to the huge beast called "Tank" rudely barging his way in) we started playing Counterstrike source (took me ages to remember the name of that game) which was also fun, yet I had to suffer alot of Pwnage from Chris Pedge :(

Down to the work:
The game starts with an opening cinematic which immediately introduces the player to the characters and their individual personalities and attributes. The voice acting managed to capture the right emotions and personalities for these characters. The music was also a strong point taking a back seat when quiet but becoming louder and more ominous to create tension when the action starts. When playing the game used surround sound to enhance the feeling of tension and remind the players the the action is all around. It also provided a means for the players to follow the sound to find certain enemies and allies. the game also had good, sharp and smooth graphics with excellent lighting effects especially with the torch which created brilliant shadow effects to really amp up the atmosphere.

Counterstrike source
With Counterstrike source the graphics where much less detailed and smooth yet didn't have any pixelated or rough edges or muddy textures which was a plus. From what I heard the sound wasn't as good quality or convincing as Left4Dead (however I wasn't wearing my headphones while playing so that could have been the problem) the gunds sounding fairly tinny and seemed to lack any real quality sound to them. The game ran smoothly with no lag or glitches or frame rate drops which was fairly good however most of the time there was only a couple of people on screen as the map was so big unlike Left4Dead which ran perfectly even with the many zombies bolting towards me on the screen.

With the original Counterstrike I wasn't as impressed as the graphics were very poor. Muddy textures, flat faces on character models which lacked real depth. The edges of the objects and people in the game were very jagged and pixelated. there was noticeable lag as certain points in the game and at one point Steph and I both could not mover for a few seconds, which lead to imminent death. I did not come across a problem like this in Left4Dead or Counterstrike source.

Overall my favourite out of the three we played today was definitely Left4Dead. The gameplay was extremely addictive and fun, the graphics never failed to impress me, whether it was the blood splattering against the walls complete with satisfying squelchy sound effects, or the teeming hordes of zombies rushing towards you without one stutter or drop in frame rate. In short it's a pretty sweet game :D

Computer game platform and technologies

Pretty awesome lesson today, finally got to have a look and use the new gaming suite which again is awesome. We used the new computers and played many source games over lan with each other.
First game I played (and rather badly at that) was Left4Dead, I'll admit it's the first ever time I've ever played a game on a pc except for The Sims. After I got used to the controls I was quickly slaughtering hundreds of the undead :D