Monday, 23 November 2009

What gaming's all about...

What have I been up to lately?


I have saved princesses from terrifying beasts, travelled through space and time, survived zombie apocalypses, saved the world on the brink of war, mastered the magics, found the american dream in Liberty City, defended the planet from alien invasions, assassinated famous historical figures, discovered underwater utopias, conquered hidden temples and saved the universe in my lunch break. I'm a gamer. What have you done lately?

Sometimes I just can't understand why people don't like gaming. Everyone loves to watch a good movie, games allow us to play that movie! To become a part of the experience and control the outcome. There's so many experiences out there in the for of videogames it's clear that anything is possible.

We all know it's not likely that a princess will be calling our names for help any time soon. or that we'll be sent to a mining ship infested with multi limbed monsters. Exciting stuff like that just doesn't happen. Video games gives us these experiences to play and live through. For the time we are playing we become Niko Bellic, Chris Redfield, Mario, Lara Croft and so on.

A lot of people say "It's not healthy to live your life through video games, you shouldn't be playing on them as much.". Fair enough. But what would we be doing if we weren't playing video games? Reading? Watching a whole lot of television? The truth is we wouldn't be any more better off without video games. They allow us to live these experiences and learn life lessons for ourselves, we discover the answers to escape from the temples., we solve the riddlers riddles in Arkham.

For me that's a whole lot more exciting than watching a movie, and I really don't think there is any problems to playing video games.

So, the point I'm trying to make was inspired by the lecture today and that point is: Is video game addiction really all that bad?

Rant over.

Signing off.


  1. its not bad, infact i think its great, unless u cant control it

  2. I thought today's sessions was one of the best we've ever done. I love to hear you speak so passionately about this stuff, so well done you!

  3. i think its older people that still have that perception gaming is being in a dark room playing alone.

    just like you i love all the adventures ive been on, the end of the adventure depends on you, not some actor we know WILL to save the day.

    unfortunately we live in a world of variety, where those that are having a shitty time of life need something to keep them hanging in there, be it drugs or games.

    as i often hear: the few can spoil something for the many.