Sunday, 18 October 2009

A new start cont.

Ok so I promised that I would finish my article about my new ideas for games which need a nudge in a different direction. The pressures on as I have already received subtle threats from Richard but at least if he doesn't like my ideas, theres not really a chance of them being made !

The Legend of Zelda has been a widely celebrated and hugely successful series chock full of quality games the latest being "Twilight Princess" for the Wii and Gamecube. For me it's quite clear that the formula; go around a hub world, enter dungeon, find keys, unlock doors, fight boss, get new weapon, was, rinse and repeat all the way until you fight big scary Ganon, is showing some signs of getting old. I mean we have been doing this all the way back to the NES days!

So how can you make a classic franchise feel new and fresh again without making it a whole new game completely? Here's how I would do it...

My legend Of Zelda would be set in the present day. Yes you heard right. Here me out before you come charging over with pitchforks first though. Every legend of Zelda has been set in some medieval kingdom, mainly always Hyrule. So how cool would it be to see the story transend into the present day?!

The story of rescuing the princess from a threatening dictator or monster is a classic and more than that; timeless.

So our story goes very much like every other legend of zelda. A small time farm boy called whoever you want but let's just call him Link. So Link tends the crops, has to heard the sheep and look after the animals. He lives with his grandpa and runs errands round the small farm village. This would be the opening of the game and play as the tutorial.

Near the farm village is a huge sprawling metropolis City with towering shiny skyscrapers and large iron bridges crossing the lakes that separate the boroughs. The city is full of rich townfolk and poor beggars and other interesting characters.

All events of previous Zelda games have been lost in time, only to be pursued by Link's crackpot neighbour who has scrolls containing info on all the original characters and such. He also claims to know the whereabouts of the original mastersword...

I'm aware of the length of this blog so i'll try and make the rest quick ;)

So the story goes, the world is experiencing natural disaster after natural disaster, along with growing conflicts in the world all drawing closer to the main sprawling city. The source of these problems; the triforce.
The city is built on the original resting place of the uber powerful triforce however legend has it, it was destroyed. But now it's regathering it's power drawing energy from the city, causing blackouts and such.

A woman DA for now let's just call her Zelda, has become a public figure head for persevering in the war on crime and constantly putting criminals from the city behind bars. She's the ultimate good and everyone adores her. Her partner is not so successful never has a spot in the limelight however it's true that he has never done anything to help. Lets call her partner Ganon.

Long story short Ganon is the decedant of the original Ganondorf and wants to finish his ancestor's work by using the power of the triforce to rule the earth, therefore to do this he has secretly become the kingpin of crime, secretly organising all the crime lords and local hoods. He discovered the the newly risen triforce in the deep underground caverns of the city and has been secretly absorbing it's powers.

Our hero, Link all this time has set off on an adventure after witnessing his crackpot neighbour foretell a prophecy of him saving the world from an evil dictator he sets off to the the city on his trusty Epona... a motorcyle ;)

The gameplay, resembles GTA what with the free roam however there are dungeons such as the sewers, a huge skyscraper, a dam, the slums and so on where the players will get new weapons and abilities.

The last third of the the game is bedlam as ganon has revealed himself to be the main protaganist, he unleashes the triforces and his own newfound power, freeing demons into the city and causing destruction everywhere. We learn that the famous DA is actually the decendant of Zelda and he takes her hostage along with the mayor and traps them in the main skyscraper.

Link has to rescue them, zooming round the streets on "epona" killing the demons and goblins with the original Link's weapons and tunic after discovering it in a crypt.

The final battle is link and zelda on "epona" facing off against a fully powered 80ft tall Ganon monster, smashing skyscrapers and such.

Phew. Done. this was only gonna be a quickie but I got so many ideas running through my head i couldnt stop typing ^-^

Hope you like my ideas, like I say, it's just my opinion. You might have better ideas! This'll be our jobs to come up with stuff like this so best to get the creative juices flowing early yeh ? ;)

Please give me your opinions in the comments box! I love to read 'em :D



  1. urban link? right off the bat i say nay, nay and thrice nay! gta meets link is like sonic porn to me, it shud never be! link on a bike in his classic tunic facing hoods? he wudnt get to kill them, they'd have heart attacks from laffing to death!

    the thing with the legend of zelda is its a fantasy world. you bring it all to earth like they did with sonic and youre asking for fail and hatemail in my books!

    link and co shud stay in hyrule i think, you have sooo much creative freedom in a fantasy world. imagine your gonna create an english style castle. now eliminate the rigidness of gravity, straight away your mind should be able to envision some crazy twists on castle design! i play link to immerse myself in another world! not the same world but with glitches and loading!

    oblivion has that medieval vibe mixed in with fantasy. but id rather play zelda as it borrows from that without takin it too seriously. you cant get pulled up on historical accuracy from geeks with medieval fantasies!

    if you ARE saying link and co in a gta city, im sure you cud break even releasing that. but you may also be hated on by people like me hahaha!

    HOWEVER, having said that, and by that i mean thoroughly trouncing your idea! ;) the PLOT to a completely new game is there. theres nothing there you couldnt rename and dress up in a new skin and release as new. itd be interesting to see how reviwers describe the gameplay as a gta game that suddenly switches to medieval legend of zelda/oblivion style hack n slash!

  2. Perhaps a copmaprison to GTA was a bit too much. What I was going for was the fact that like Hyrule. The city would be an area that Link could free roam around too.

    I like the sound of a more realistic Link (although the tunic and the bike quote did make me chuckle ^-^) I had a vision of Link's world and our present day world colliding in a visual and physical way through the power of the triforce.

    I mean how cool would it be to see a full scale Ganon monster tearing down a city?!

    I dunno, maybe he should stay in the past where he does have more freedom. I just think the games if they don't change formula's will get stale.

    I knew this idea would be controversial. But I want to be a games designer and in a world where games seem to be fairly predictable I think now, controversial may be good :)

  3. Oh dear Cameron! you've done wrong, firstly i second Biohazard.
    Thinking that in any way, Link could be brought forward to a modern day setting. MISTAKE!

    Motorcycle called Epona??? NO! NO! NO! ULTRA MISTAKE!!
    Let the gaming world have mercy on your soul!

    But there is a nice game hidden in there that has potential. (It runs close to an idea i had over the weekend). But thinking that the Zelda franchise needing freshening up is where you went wrong. Shigsy knows what he's doing, he's never let us down before with a zelda title and i dont think he ever intends to do so.

    see you Thursday!