Thursday, 5 November 2009

Now that's better!

I have no idea why I find myself blogging whilst sitting in bed all snuggled up but hey ho (you really didn't need to know that either).

I thought today's presentations were really good so well done everyone who did their's! You've set the bar rather high I must say, and I felt quite happy when Kelly came in our HTML class just to tell us that the presentations in the morning were better than GS93's >:) Only joking of course! But made me chuckle nonetheless.

Last time we had an assignment deadline things went rather bad for me (see one of my very early posts). I didn't quite understand why Kelly was angry at me for something I couldn't control (work not being converted properly on friday morning; deadline). It was only until about a week after that I realised she was right in that if I had been more organised and tested the conversion process beforehand instead of leaving it last minute I wouldn't have been in that situation and had to check Kelly's "Bovvered" pocket.

This time I was more on the ball!

I tested the conversion process (recently got Microsoft Office for Mac) earlier this week to find no problemos and sorted out arrangements to have the projector ready to be played from my mac as I had a problem with the videos.

I've handed in my work with 0 problems and 0 stress and I'm really looking forward to presenting next week!

Now I've finished this assignment I'm getting straight started on the next which is the Videogame Industries with posters one (can't remember the actual name) and starting that on Sunday.

No longer shall I leave work to complete on the last week.

I'm a recovering procrastinator and need to make sure I don't leave work late again like the Mario project.

That is all.


  1. yep i was a last minute man untill i started here, theres too much to do in like 2 nights before the deadline. but i gotta say the papers descriptions are BS! they arent clear enough for me! if kelly has to (halfway to the deadline) re-tell the class what its asking, then maybe its not asking it in the right goddam way!

  2. I think it's just the language that we use here is a bit more academic than most are used to. It's fairly normal for tutors the world over to blog or supply breakdowns of work before you submit Raiden/Cameron; so enjoy the support!

  3. I think we just need to get used to the way the assignments are described and presented to us. I'm used to having quite simply an essay set with clear margins for grades; A's B's and C's etc. But I think they aren't too bad (the assignment sheets) I usually have a clear idea of what i need to to, just kelly sometimes makes it more clear!

  4. One of the things I'm learning is that there isn't an exact, exact, exact way of doing something. I keep going over the guidelines and boundaries ensuring that I get it all caged in, in the right areas, but the recruitment assignment is a good example of how there isn't necessarily a wrong answer as long as you show you went the right way about it, if that makes sense. I emailed Bungie a few weeks back and asked them if they could give me a basic run down of what positions they would look for when recruiting for a new Triple A project, I realised after that I 'think' the point of us now being given tighter guidelines is cause it's a free for all - as long as you can justify why you would consider that position to be important to a new game then you are all good.....

  5. *not being given tighter deadlines (Kelly, do you do courses in typing?)

  6. Yeah I get your point pete, it explains why everyone's projects are so different! I usually write essays for presentations then do a slide show based on that essay, thats just how I work!

    I like your idea about emailing Bungie by the way, did they reply back?

  7. Although there is a strict criteria in order for you to meet the pass, merit and distinction criteria; I'm particularly looking for how you understand the question. For some people presenting this week, I felt that by cutting and pasting from wherever they may have met the criterion stated in the assignmnet but had they really understod what the last 6 weeks required of them? A resounding no. I might do a blog post on this for everyone to read because I think it's really interesting to look at the philosophy of assignment writing.

  8. I know what you mean Kelly, hopefully it'll be clear with my project that i do understand what I'm talking about! Especially with the Xbox Live part as there was no single article on how it works, I had to search all over the internet on various topics and piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle but now I feel like i know the process and such i feel i'll be able to demonstrate it clearly in my presentation.