Friday, 11 December 2009

Good news & Bad news

I'll start with the bad. Although I have already bought my ticket for the christmas party on monday I can't go. The reason? Is actually because of the good news.

I have a job! I have got a part time job in Somerfield and have to start on monday. I thought it was best not to miss my first day on the job so that results inno Christmas party for me. Gutted.

I'm also downloading the trial for World of Warcraft. If I like it I'll be buying all the stuff and playing in Jauary ready for Pedgey's Warcraft Night :D
Now I'm off to finish cleaning the whole house so I can have money to see Paranormal Activity with Steph and some others from old school tomorrow :)


  1. :(
    Ahh well.
    Bet ur chuffed cuz u got the job.
    Good work Dudeings

  2. thankyouings ;) at least we have avatar and the may sum after! Ze table is booked for 4:15pm on thurs btw :)