Friday, 4 June 2010

Foughts and fings in mah hed.

This is a random one.
It's all my thoughts and things running through my mind collected into one shitty little blog/list in order of how much I think about them:


2. Getting coursework done before I leave y'all next week.
3. Getting a haircut before I leave for Florida, other wise it'll probably suffocate me in the heat.
4. Thinking about new ideas for my YouTube material once I get an UltraFlip HD camera.
5. Quite pleased with the progress made on my "Long way Home" story.
6. Horrified of the lack of progress made with my Ren Ai.
7. Wondering whether it'd be possible to snatch JK Rowling at the opening of the Harry Potter theme park on June 18th.
8. Worried a little of the gurd stuff I'm gonna miss at college when I go away; especially missing the Showcase :(
9. Wondering whether my Dad will actually be foolish enough to buy an iPad in Florida like he's been hinting at.
10. Praying I won't burn to a crisp in the american sun.

That's about it, either way, when I leave for the hotel at the airport on thursday all these worries will have been abolished and solved. And I'll no longer have a mop on my head. Good stuff.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pheonix- Final Attempt Pt 2 Featuring some of Marvel's finest heroes!

I couldn’t let her go. I couldn’t stand there and let her die again. My phone rang from inside my jacket. Parker. The last guy I want to speak to at a time like this. I answered in hope he has some useful information.
“Whaddya want Parker?” I didn’t have time for this.
“Hey Wolvie, fancy catching a movie later? Just us two?” The sound of his voice instantly irritated me let alone the stupid jokes.
“Spit it out Peter or you identity goes all over the Internet.”
“Ok, ok. Stark’s got a trace on your girl, seem she’s heading over to the Nevada desert. She’s pretty fast. We can take the Quinjet over there but we could be too late.” I could hear hurried voices in the background and the whir of technology, never been good with that type of stuff.
“Forget the Quinjet, you stay there. This is too big even for the Avengers” I started running phone in hand.
“So instead of a team of superheroes you just think little old Wolverine will stand a better chance?” Parker’s snarky voice cut threw me like a knife. I had no time for this.
“Whatever Parker just do something!” I threw the phone to the ground as I ran, smashing it to pieces. How the hell would I get to the Nevada desert in time? Then the thought struck me; I needed the X-Jet. But I needed it fast. I ran in the middle of the road, not giving a second thought to the cars and trucks swerving to avoid me, a man on a motorcycle sped straight towards me. Just what I needed. I stuck out my fist as he swerved past knocking him clean off.
“Sorry.” He probably didn’t hear my grunt as I was already on the bike and down the freeway before he had even registered what had happened. I pushed the bike to its limit, everything around me turned into a solid blur of colour. By the time I smashed through the gates of Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, half an hour had already passed. Jean could be dead by now.
I leapt off the bike letting it careen into a patch of bushes. Running through the school seemed to take forever, kids everywhere, calling my name, trying to catch a glimpse of their ex-teacher. I tore through the halls, never running so fast in my life, my heart raced and head pounded but this was all for Jean. I finally reached the garage and there in the centre was the X-Jet, big, black and fast.
I was in the cockpit and rearing the engines before the alarms had even sounded. The ceiling above opened up and the jet slowly rose. It was almost funny seeing Scott run into the garage screaming futile threats.
The engine roared to life and shot forward, leaving the school behind in a blur and rumbling the earth below. The X-Jet was fast, but I needed faster, for all I know Jean could be dead by now.
“C’mon, c’mon you piece of crap!” I urged it to go faster but it was already peaking at top speed. The navigation unit showed the Nevada desert ebbing closer. The scenery changed from the blur of grey city blocks, to green forests and finally an orange blur of desert.
I eased the throttle, slowing the beast down as I scanned the area. She must be here. A huge, bright light suddenly filled the cockpit, blinding me with its intensity. The whole jet shuddered and jolted to the side. I couldn’t see anything. I could only hear the sound of roaring fire and screeching. The jet was suddenly flung downwards, plunging to the ground. I braced myself as my stomach lurched, not knowing which way was up or down. This was gonna hurt.
I blacked out. Opening my eyes to a blurry scene of fire and metal shrapnel. Sand was in my mouth and searing pain cut through my body. The scene slowly began to clear and a figure became more prominent. It was Jean. She was alive.
Jean pulled the metal off me using her telekinesis. Blood splattered over her face and clothes torn to shreds. She was in trouble. Forget that, we both were.
“What the hell are you doing Logan?! I told you not to come here!” Jean whirled around as I picked myself up. In front of us, blazing in the sky was a huge phoenix, made entirely out of fire. Screeching to the heavens as its fire seemed to pulsate.
“I came here to save you Jean, your not going down without a fight! I told you!” With a burst of rage I felt the bones in my arm shudder, they clicked into place and slid forward shooting out of my fists as three large, razor sharp knifes. Thank you weapon X.
We both ran at the swirling beast of fire, Jean throwing blasts of white-hot energy at it, knocking it back. It could be hurt this time, that’s an improvement.
“Jean!” I kept on running, adrenaline coursing through me, “Throw me at it!” I felt the ground leave my feet as my body was flung through the air. I slashed through the fire as the bird shrieked in what sounded like pain. Jean was there to catch me on the way back down. Her eyes were ablaze and her face wild with fury. She flew towards the bird, screaming in anger. I’ve never seen her like this before. She smashed headlong into the monster only to be thrown out of the sky and back to the ground again in a bloody heap.
“Jean!” I ran towards her, fear crashing over me. I held her in my arms as her eyes flickered.
“Y-you need to go L-logan.” I wiped the blood from her mouth. “J-just go!” She coughed, bringing up more blood. The bird of fire, circled around us, waiting to go in for the kill and reclaim Jean. We had lost. I had failed.
With a heart-piercing screech it plunged towards us in a dive, ready for the kill.
I closed my eyes ready for the pain and death. Maybe Jean and I could be together after life. But it didn’t come, a loud bang came from over my head and the bird screeched yet again. Someone was standing over me, holding a shield, which had deflected the bird’s attack.
My eyes adjusted to the light and settled on the star spangled hero himself.
“Glad you showed Cap.”
He pulled me off my feet and smiled, “You never have to fight alone Wolverine.”
Spider-woman and Ms Marvel swooped down beside us and picked up Jean in their arms, they took her to the Quinjet, residing next to the shattered remains of the X-Jet. Shouts and blasts echoed around me as I looked around. The Avengers were in full swing in a battle with the phoenix force. The sight before me was glorious, even down to that annoying little brat Spider-Man leaping about shooting off jokes. A glint in the sky revealed itself to be Iron Man shooting repulsor blasts of light at the beast and knocking it to the ground. It was a sight to behold and the only thought that run threw my throbbing head was; let me get a piece.
The claws shot out of my hand as I charged to the wounded Phoenix, everyone darted out of my way as I screamed in rage, lungs ready to burst. I plunged my fists into the fire of the bird and it leapt back in pain. For saying the beast was made entirely out of fire, it was surprisingly solid.
I was knocked aside in a gust of wind as Jean shot past me.
“No!” I ran after the two duelling entities, the rest of the Avengers stood rooted to the spot. There was nothing we could do now. The Pheonix and Jean rose into the air as they swirled around each other becoming a blur of fire. An all-encompassing blast shot from them sending the sand into frenzy. When all had settled they had both disappeared in the explosion.
I couldn’t save her. Not even with the help of friends.
The legends said that the Pheonix would not stop, would not die until it had what it needed. The legends were true.
Jean Grey was lost to the world again.

Pheonix- Final Attempt Pt 1

Here's the first half of my homework story. It's a bit out there and crazy and it's pretty long too so for those that can be arsed to read it, thanks :D

By the Ocean there is a bar… They called it Hannah’s Roadhouse once… I don’t know what they call it anymore. I just knew that she’d come and bring that thing with her. That thing that to me, was so precious, so deeply moving that just looking at it would blind me. But I had to have it and I knew that I couldn’t have it if she didn’t show up today…

There she was red hair with a slight orange fleck in the ocean’s sunrise. She wasn’t old; in fact, she was new, as if reborn. She didn’t notice me as she opened the door to the bar. I let her walk, I had no plans. She bought two drinks and sat at the bar…
I sat there, frozen by her beauty. There she was, the forbidden fruit sitting metres away from me. We were so close I could smell her, the heightened sense of smell probably contributed to this but either way, the scent of fire and sickly sweet perfume mingled together in the air around her. I downed the last shot of vodka and stared, cautious. I felt the legs of the stool tremble beneath me as it began to slide across the floor, taking me with it, getting closer to the red headed conjurer.
“I didn’t buy both these drinks for me Logan.” She turned facing me as the stool stopped inches from her. Her eyes glowed a mighty green and her lips a brilliant red, flashing a smile that was powerful enough to knock ten men flying. That was what I was after, her smile, it’s been so long since I was last in its presence.
I looked at her, observing every inch, every detail of her slender yet startlingly sharp face. I absorbed everything in front of me, letting every part of her pour into my skin and mind, as this could very well be the last time I see her again.
“I’ve missed you Logan.”
She flung her arms around me, pulling me into a deep embrace. I’ve never been a touchy-feely type of person but with Jean it was different. I could let myself go with her, she can melt me with one glance, penetrate my tough exterior with the right words. Jean was my reason for living and in 2 hours, we will both be dead.
I pulled myself away from her, gazing intently into her smouldering stare. I didn’t know what to say, for once in my life I was actually scared of the future. Not for my future, but for Jean’s. “We can still run Jean, the Avengers have offered us the Quinjet. We can take it and get the hell out of this hell hole of a situation we’re in.”
She just smiled. Unbelievable. She took my hand in hers, I could feel the warmth flowing between us.
“Logan this is something I have to do, the phoenix force has been looking for me for years and it won’t stop. Especially now it knows where I am.” She took a swig of her drink and gazed out of the window. I can’t imagine how it must feel knowing that the next hour or two will be the last ones of your life. I guess I have it even harder, knowing that I will outlive all of my friends and loved ones but I’m not the type to sit and mope over it.
“Jean. You know we ain’t going down without a fight.” I clenched my fists, anger flooding my body, rage boiling away underneath my skin. “I’ll be there by your side. When this son of a bitch comes to take you, it’ll have to take you over my cold dead body.”
Fear flashed across her face and her body trembled. I’ve never seen Jean like this before.
“No Logan. I have to do this on my own. I’m not letting anymore friends get hurt because of me.” Tears welled up in her eyes, like tiny gems. “I don’t deserve to live.”
She stood up, glancing at the door.
“I need to go Logan, I need to see Scott before it finds me, while there’s still time.”
I shot up of the stool knocking drinks flying. All eyes swooped onto us. “Don’t you dare Jean. I ain’t gonna let you go.”
Jean gave a watery smile, a smile filled with pain and sorrow. “I’m so sorry Logan.”
I tried to grab her as she lifted off the floor but I was too late. She flew out of the door in a blast of wind, causing chaos in the bar. I could only stand and stare as tables, glasses and people were thrown into the air with the force of her power. I walked through the debris, and out into daylight. She was gone.

To be concluded in Pt2!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Some X-MEN knowledge.

Being as I seem to be the only one of us geeky enough to be spending ridiculous amounts of money on a lot of comics every month, I've been appointed as the person to go to for info on the X-MEN and writing for graphic novels and the lark.

So I thought I'll post some info on here for the ones that can't be arsed to ask for it !

Gambit (Remy LeBeau):

Gambit grew up in the cajun culture of Louisiana, raised by The LeBeau thieves guild clan he grew up to be a master-thief.
He was involved in the slaughter of a group of mutants, before he met the x-men, called the Morlocks. This history has plagued him with guilt and is a reason why he remains such a wild card in terms of which side of the law he walks on.
When he joined the x-men after meeting a young Storm he wasn't trusted within their ranks as they didn't know a great deal about him.
Gambit has had an on/off relationship with Rogue (Anna Marie) which has helped him settle down into a more stable and trustworthy role within the team. Gambit considers himself to be a ladies man and often gets the girl he wants so the lack of sexual contact between himself and Rogue because of her dangerous power puts a lot of strain on their relationship.
Gambit has left the x-men various times and joined other teams or just gone off on his own. Being a loner that flits from job to job, bed to bed, kill to kill is what Gambit used to be and a part of that remains.

His power is the ability to charge up kinetic (moving) energy and channel the energy into objects. His most famous move would be charging a deck of cards with energy and throwing them to explode on impact. He also uses a staff for combat.

Jean Grey:

This one's a toughie to summarize because she's such a complicated character.
Jean was in the original class of x-men as a telepathic mutant. She was a loving and caring person that looked after everyone in the x-men and genuinely cared about the human race. Her powers grew to "omega level" yet she still dealt with it very rarely unleashing her full power.

Jean has lived with the x-men since she was a very young girl and eventually built a family there. She fell in love with Scott Summers (Cyclops) and married him, she had Charles Xavier who was like a father to her, a daughter from an alternate reality called Rachel Summers. Wolverine and her became extremely strong friends and often became closer than that when Logan fell in love with her.

Unfortunately Jean was possessed by an extremely powerful alien life-form called the "Pheonix Force" which gave her more power yet ultimately began to take over her and become a threat. Jean killed herself to stop the Pheonix killing everything. But as the name suggests the Pheonix and Jean Grey rose again rejoining the x-men. She fought to have a normal life with Scott and her friends (as normal as things get being part of a mutant super team) but has since been killed yet again and not yet been resurrected.

When writing a story based on an existing franchise like the X-men we need to stay true to the characters and world they live in so hopefully these bios will help you to understand them more.

Feel free to message me any questions you have about the x-men and such :)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Mile-high Club

My fists clenched the arms of the chair as the wind battered the plane from the outside. We were plunged into darkness as the plane dived into a beastly black cloud. Everybody sat up in their seats, alert as the plane shuddered and banged. My eyes snapped onto an extremely stressed airhostess as she ran down the aisle and practically dived into her seat as the plane gave another gut wrenching lurch. My lips were dry and my heart pounded as I sat paralyzed in my chair. The plane let out a deafening groan and suddenly plummeted from the air. I drew in a long sharp breath as everyone around me screamed in terror. The plane lunged forward, trying to rise above the cloud but to no avail. We plunged again, leaving my stomach behind. In that one moment, I knew I was going to die. A wave of relief and calm swept over me and I let go of all emotion. I couldn’t move an inch. It was as if life had stopped and this was just a movie playing in front of me. The plane sharply rose generating huge amounts of G-force. We levelled out, it was over.


This actually happened to me and is the reason why I hate, hate, hate flying. The feeling that you're going to die within the next few moments is one I can't explain all too well. It's like you lose all hope and all emotion. You don't feel scared believe it or not, it's almost like relief. It's a horrible feeling and one that I've only experienced during this incident three years ago.

Turns out we had hit an air-pocket which made the plane drop a whopping 10,000ft! Worse than any roller-coaster I've ever been on.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tom Goodchild should be proud.

Ok, so here's Gametrailers video review for Monumental Games MotoGP 09/10:

Watched it?


It got a reasonably average score of 6.2 and on Metacritic it's achieved an average of 72.

My opinion of it all is that Tom Goodchild and his team at Monumental have done brilliantly in using what limited resources and options for game design to create a decent game.

Lets face it. After listening to Tom's speech during Industry Week it was apparent that they were extremely restricted in terms of how much they can put into the game creativity-wise because of the strict guidelines from Capcom and the MotoGP big-wigs. Yet Tom seems to have worked some magic here and created a solid game with decent replay incentives too.

It's interesting to hear GT's view on the audio after listening to Tom about the struggles they had with it as it is apparent in the game. I'll be honest and say the audio is pretty poor. The bikes sound monotone and there is no audio for the AI bikes (why?). One thing I noticed is when viewing behind the bike during a race all sound (apart from the background music) cut off entirely. Pretty weird and something they could have fixed.

Apart from that I'm pleased for Tom and his team. He seemed extremely nervous about the incoming reviews and I'm glad to see them kinda pay off.

It's obvious they'll be making the next instalment and now they have the new engine and foundations laid out I'm sure Monumental and Tom can crack down and improve on an already solid game.

Good on them!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Kesa may wanna take a look at this...

A BBC news report :

A man who assaulted a female police officer with his penis has been fined.

Marium Varinauskas, 28, tried to strike the officer on the head with his penis when she was called out to his flat, but she got out of the way.

Lithuanian Varinauskas admitted a charge of assault at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and was fined £600

SO is this a common Lithuanian defence move Kesa? Lulz.