Friday, 2 October 2009

Thank god thats done with!

Ok so I've finally handed in my Mario assignment after the painstaking process it took to complete this task. Funnily enough I found doing the assignment itself very fun and interesting but it was the part after that which I had my problems in...

So at 1 AM this morning I had finally finished the last touches on my presentation and just copied it into my usb drive. I decided to check if it had copied alright and to my horror all the images had dissappeared! I literally couldn't move I was that angry :P So that resulted in me staying up for another hour getting all my images back from the internet and copying them back onto my slideshow. After that all seemed well, I could sleep in peace. And I did.

But all was not over...

So today i arrived at Confetti and went straight to the resource centre, put my usb into the computer, opened the presentation and guess what... no images! Kelly's advice was to consult her "Bovvered Pocket" which yielded no results so it was left to me to yet again put all the images onto the presentation all over again. An hour and a half later I was done. I handed my essay, presentation and cover into EST and left without looking back!

So in conclusion the work itself was fine, the process into printing said work was horrific. Never again shall I use Open Office... until I know exactly what I'm doing with it.


  1. A learning curve for you perhaps? See my blog for more hints and tips

  2. That sucks dude, glad you got it sorted

  3. Definitely a learning curve Kelly! I still don't know what quite went wrong with it so I'm gonna make some test dummy slideshows and see if I can transfer them over in Confetti to see what I'm doing wrong :)