Sunday, 11 October 2009

Just babbling

I haven't really got a topic so like it says on the title this post is just going to be me babbling on about anything and everything...

So last week at Confetti was great fun, got a fair few assignments to do but we do have a fair amount of time to do them in (thank god). Tuesdays are proving to be a bit of a nightmare coming back from Confetti as the last bus is at 6 or something and we never get there in time meaning we have to wait for the next one which comes at 7:40 pm *facepalm*. (oh and we meaning Jordan and I)

Wednesday I auditioned for a musical we're doing in the Television Workshop, the musical being Our House :D First time I sang in front of people and thankfully I didn't sound like a strangled cat so I have got a call back for another audition soon.... (fingers crossed!) On the note of musicals i would also like to make an apology to Pete as I couldn't make the play he was workin' the lights on which is a shame as I love watching the plays around in Nott's, I had to go to another audition instead and that wasn't too exciting!

This weekend apart from last night I've done bugger all really, tried to do more on my Digi Comms assignment but couldn't get the creative juices flowin which is rather strange as I seem to be able to work my best when I'm staying up in the early hours typing at the speed of light (maybe a slight exaggeration somewhere in that statement)

Just realised how much I've wrote and not one bit of it is particularly thrilling so sorry about that...
I've also gotta say I'm so excited about teh London trip to the MCM Expo!! It'll be great :D
See you all monday!
(>'')> ^( ' ' )^ <(''<)

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