Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A clean slate.

Don't you just love that feeling when you have just finished a MAHOOOSIVE report, saved it and let it be done?

I have just finished my SOTD and I'm feeling very relieved that I have a clean slate with no work outstanding for next year.

Next term is gonna be awesome, it sounds like my ideal term down to a T. I canny wait to pitch my game to Ubisoft, I'll be like:

"Bitch, you be buying my game."

Joking obviously, Kelly would charge me though a wall if I did that.

I'll most likely do a couple of blogs before that popular holiday, can't remember the name now.

Avatar tomorrow! Yaaayyy!

Work after! YAAAAaaay-y-y?


  1. ull definatly end up crying i tell ya if u say smth like that :(
    yeh ive done my SOTD too,and its such a relief