Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Theres more to come!

You'll notice that I have alot of ideas whether it's for new games, movies, comic storylines and such, thats because I have such an active imagination and I always loved to write stories when I was younger.

I thought of doing another (lengthy) blog similar to my 2 parter about new game directions for older titles as most people seemed to have read them and although they may have not agreed with my ideas they still appreciated and commented on their thoughts. There are many paths I would like to take into this industry and although I can only really take one I would like to get a bit of practice in all. One of these paths is games journalism so you can see why I like writing articles on my blog!


I'll be working on a games to movies article over the weekend, possibly earlier if I get the chance. I'll be writing about how I would make a couple of popular videogames into movies so general storyline, casting, certain sequences and so on.
If you actually are interested in what I write then just drop us a comment about any topics or ideas you'd like to be written about in the future and I'll have a crack at a couple!

It gets me practise, provides you with something to read when your bored and I actually enjoy it ^_^

So I'll be blogging my latest article later on in the week.

See you all on thursday!

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