Monday, 5 October 2009

Something Epic...

I grew up with Disney movies as I'm sure alot of you all did. I became engrossed in the tales of monsters, genies and the famous Disney characters.
My favourites were always the core cast of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy and I've happened to come across something that may very well change the way I look at them forever...
Disney interactive and Junction Point studios have joined forces in creating a game for the Wii which is totally unique and something I would have never expected to see before.. The game is codnamed "Epic Mickey" and has only a few concept art images released however these are truly awesome! The images show strange apocalyptic versions of famous Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Goofy and the Cinderella Castle.

The only info released on the game apart from the concept art is this: "See the world of Disney like you've never seen it before in this exclusive Wii game featuring a twisted, alternative version of many of the characters and settings loved by Disney fans."

And Disney has promised to reveal an "iconic" new game on the 28th of October!

So what do you guys think? Ruining childhood memories? Too strange to sell? Awesome!?
Sound off in the comments part!


  1. i remember trawling game sites and only seeing that steampunk goofy pic. so this is what it is. nice :¬)

  2. It certainly looks interesting :D Could be an RPG like Kingdom Hearts or could be a platformer.. guess we'll have to wait n see

  3. this stuff can make me sad

  4. It looks great! how can it make you sad?!

  5. Interesting idea i must say, only time will tell us what the game is about, and if they can pull it off..

    Concept art looks amazing..But will the game?

  6. im just saying it will fail :(

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  8. But what is the game about? (other than action/fantasy) The Concept art makes it really hard to tell.