Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Starting a company...

I've been thinking since I saw Raiden's impressive work on his Sonic game that it would be possible for us all to form a small company and make our own full game.In GS92 everyone is extremely capable and competent in this area and we have people who could work on the technical side of things, art department, story development and so on...
It may sound alot to start up a company and work on a game and also sound stressful as we have work to do at Confetti too however if we start early preferably within the next few months we have a full two years, possibly more to make this game which means we don't have huge amounts of pressure!
We all obviously want to work in the games industry and this course is clearly the best way to it however having a full game and possibly company under our belts is something that would give us a huge advantage!

It would be great fun and if we end up making something good we could even possibly make more of it instead of just keeping it to ourselves.

Yeah I know it's a big commitment but Joe, Jacob and I have all thought about it and come to the conclusion it would be well worth the effort.

So if anybody is interested in forming a company and making a game please comment below.
We'll hold a meeting (maybe at confetti) when we have enough people interested to discuss company names, objectives and aims and whatever including ideas for a game we would like to start work on.

This is an opportunity we might not get for a while and we should take it!
Hope to hear from you !


  1. ye but we have to finish the course first lulz :(
    anyway we got 3 million MONEYZ right so we can take them HOHOHO :)
    i wish we could make a game or smth while we are at confetti and we wouldnt need to study
    good thinking btw

  2. whats the three million from? :P
    We can do this while we study! Other groups have done it before us :)

  3. other groups have done this?
    my machinations of Chemical Smile Studios may be not be such a pipe dream after all......*focus suddenly returns to eyes*

    jus kidding, im liking where your heads at.
    but company sounds too big a word. Game studio sounds better. Bungie studios, 989 studios, Firefly studios etc.

    look here and see how many "studios" you can find ;) List

    just an idea of course, but if your adamant its a company, then a company it would be! ^_^

    this intrigues me, id love to attend a brainstormer to see what your options are.

  4. Yeah it seems like the smaller companies in the UK are actually studios Raiden so maybe we should go for that :)

    All I had in mind was a group of us working together to make something we can then take out into the industry with us!

    Not everyone is following my blog so I'll probably mention it to the class on thurs and see who's interested then we can get on witht eh brainstorming sesh :D

  5. I'm interested.
    I'm not wanting to work for the man.
    I'm interested in the idea of starting up a business/studio/chain/company/ruling the world type of enterprise thing, you know, like Microsoft! I can tell more at the brainstorm. This could also count towards our course in year two i do believe.

  6. It'll be interesting to hear you ideas then Richard :) Though it may be best to start small :P

  7. there is like ~15 ppl in our group and i only got 5 followers :D