Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Confession time.

Hi everyone.

My name is Cameron Foster.

And I'm a procrastinator.

It's like a session at alcoholics anonymous only about an addiction to putting work off till the last minute. I always manage to do it, I leave work to instead play games, read shit, go out and whatever instead of actually cracking down. It may sound stupid but I never miss a deadline.


I always get the work done, on time and to the best of my ability but I always put it off until a week or so before the deadline. I did it at school and I did it with the Mario project.

Now it's not got me in trouble yet because I'm always so determined to get work in on time and I always do it's just a habit that makes things harder for me as I usually end up with a mahoosive pile of work to do in the space of a few days.

I've got 1 whole digital communication to do tomorrow for thursdays presentation and I'm proud to say I've set the alarm for 10.00AM and I'll be getting straight up, getting ready then cracking on with the work instead of getting distracted by GTA 4.

On a higher note I'm very glad to be at Confetti, my tutorial with Kelly went very well and I appreciate how much she tries to make the experience better for us all!

Tomorrows plans: Finish Presentation, phone Chimera (comic shop) to see if I have the job, go to Nottingham, get photo taken, Our House musical rehearsal.

Overall busy day!

See you all on thursday and if I don't get chance to say it before, good luck with your presentations!


  1. 10am ?? i thought we start at 9

  2. oh wait you posted it yesterday ..duh

  3. Wow I bet you are glad to get that off your chest, Hope you get the job too!

  4. 10 am ?
    we start at 9 on thursday

  5. yeah, this was posted a few days ago. I got up at 10am yesterday. Instead of lying in for too long!

  6. Everyone procrastinates dude, I'm not trying to say that makes it right, but it does happen. You remember when we had the Lesson with Kelly asking us to talk about 3 things we wish we were better at, I said about being better at organising my 'work load management' which is just a bit of a fancy way of saying I regularly procrastinate, on what, I don;t really know, I think its just anything that can distract me from it. Initially, you start to think that's it'is because you don't really want this but then you're shaking yourself and giving yourself a damn good talking to in the mirror (that just me..?) reminding yourself that you want this really bad, because its a dream with so many paths.

    So why do we procrastinate? I want to believe that its because as human beings we have this strong desire for equilibrium, everything in moderation, perhaps we know that better than most with a continous reminder that you shouldn't have too much exposure to games,movies,comics,anime, etc (and lets be clear on this point, by 'not too much exposure' I mean, 18 hours of the day playing WOW or trying to see if you can get half way through FF7 in just one day)

    I guess I'm hoping that as the year goes on it'll get easier to apply myself to the assignments, which will work in balance, in view of the work itself becoming much much harder.

    Anyway, enough of Pete's thoughts for one blog comment, p.s, I just had to add 'blog' to google chrome's internet spelling checker....$£$%^$^!!