Friday, 23 October 2009

Nearly There!

So excited about Saturday it's mad!

Never been to a proper big expo like this London one so it'll be a geek's dream come true :D
Gonna take my huge photographer camera ad just take pictures of everything and anything. Plus me and Steph have a competition to see whi can get their pics taken with the most fail cosplayer they can find lmao >:)
I'm cosplaying as Zelda and my Nanah has just about finished my costume, just need the wig :)

Operation steal the warthog is a go. It will be done.

Finally got Microsoft Word for Mac (thanks Steph) so now I should have no problems doing my assignments.

Off now to lounge around and count my munnyz for tomorrow.

Oh and I was joking about the Zelda cosplay. I'm going as yoshi. If somebody wants to help me figure out how to lay spotted eggs it would be a great help for my costume :)

see you tomorrow! (whoever's going)
I'm joking about the whole Yoshi thing as well. I'm going as Kirby.


  1. its ok, ive mixed some vodka with coke so we can have some lol times

  2. Groooovy! I also installed the latest microsoft office and cleaned out all the ancient shit on my laptop o_o

    I'm going as a moogle!

  3. You'll actually be my favouritist person in the world if you go as a Moogle :D