Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Mile-high Club

My fists clenched the arms of the chair as the wind battered the plane from the outside. We were plunged into darkness as the plane dived into a beastly black cloud. Everybody sat up in their seats, alert as the plane shuddered and banged. My eyes snapped onto an extremely stressed airhostess as she ran down the aisle and practically dived into her seat as the plane gave another gut wrenching lurch. My lips were dry and my heart pounded as I sat paralyzed in my chair. The plane let out a deafening groan and suddenly plummeted from the air. I drew in a long sharp breath as everyone around me screamed in terror. The plane lunged forward, trying to rise above the cloud but to no avail. We plunged again, leaving my stomach behind. In that one moment, I knew I was going to die. A wave of relief and calm swept over me and I let go of all emotion. I couldn’t move an inch. It was as if life had stopped and this was just a movie playing in front of me. The plane sharply rose generating huge amounts of G-force. We levelled out, it was over.


This actually happened to me and is the reason why I hate, hate, hate flying. The feeling that you're going to die within the next few moments is one I can't explain all too well. It's like you lose all hope and all emotion. You don't feel scared believe it or not, it's almost like relief. It's a horrible feeling and one that I've only experienced during this incident three years ago.

Turns out we had hit an air-pocket which made the plane drop a whopping 10,000ft! Worse than any roller-coaster I've ever been on.


  1. not sure about the title though, a brilliant story... Mile High Club? It means something different where I come from!!!

  2. It does mean something very different to what actually happened, I slipped it in there for a joke. Quite misleading though ! XD

  3. just cause 2 mile high club is awesome! p.s thank god my first time on a plane wasnt that bad!

  4. first time I went on a plane. we had to fly through a tropical lightning storm with an air pocket chucked in for good measures. the weird thing is i was not scared at all until we had landed and what had happened sunk in. i spent the whole holiday worried about the flight home. it turns out that we were the last plane to land that night, all the others got diverted to Ibiza the lucky gits lol.

  5. do u know where the poop from the plane goes to?