Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pheonix- Final Attempt Pt 1

Here's the first half of my homework story. It's a bit out there and crazy and it's pretty long too so for those that can be arsed to read it, thanks :D

By the Ocean there is a bar… They called it Hannah’s Roadhouse once… I don’t know what they call it anymore. I just knew that she’d come and bring that thing with her. That thing that to me, was so precious, so deeply moving that just looking at it would blind me. But I had to have it and I knew that I couldn’t have it if she didn’t show up today…

There she was red hair with a slight orange fleck in the ocean’s sunrise. She wasn’t old; in fact, she was new, as if reborn. She didn’t notice me as she opened the door to the bar. I let her walk, I had no plans. She bought two drinks and sat at the bar…
I sat there, frozen by her beauty. There she was, the forbidden fruit sitting metres away from me. We were so close I could smell her, the heightened sense of smell probably contributed to this but either way, the scent of fire and sickly sweet perfume mingled together in the air around her. I downed the last shot of vodka and stared, cautious. I felt the legs of the stool tremble beneath me as it began to slide across the floor, taking me with it, getting closer to the red headed conjurer.
“I didn’t buy both these drinks for me Logan.” She turned facing me as the stool stopped inches from her. Her eyes glowed a mighty green and her lips a brilliant red, flashing a smile that was powerful enough to knock ten men flying. That was what I was after, her smile, it’s been so long since I was last in its presence.
I looked at her, observing every inch, every detail of her slender yet startlingly sharp face. I absorbed everything in front of me, letting every part of her pour into my skin and mind, as this could very well be the last time I see her again.
“I’ve missed you Logan.”
She flung her arms around me, pulling me into a deep embrace. I’ve never been a touchy-feely type of person but with Jean it was different. I could let myself go with her, she can melt me with one glance, penetrate my tough exterior with the right words. Jean was my reason for living and in 2 hours, we will both be dead.
I pulled myself away from her, gazing intently into her smouldering stare. I didn’t know what to say, for once in my life I was actually scared of the future. Not for my future, but for Jean’s. “We can still run Jean, the Avengers have offered us the Quinjet. We can take it and get the hell out of this hell hole of a situation we’re in.”
She just smiled. Unbelievable. She took my hand in hers, I could feel the warmth flowing between us.
“Logan this is something I have to do, the phoenix force has been looking for me for years and it won’t stop. Especially now it knows where I am.” She took a swig of her drink and gazed out of the window. I can’t imagine how it must feel knowing that the next hour or two will be the last ones of your life. I guess I have it even harder, knowing that I will outlive all of my friends and loved ones but I’m not the type to sit and mope over it.
“Jean. You know we ain’t going down without a fight.” I clenched my fists, anger flooding my body, rage boiling away underneath my skin. “I’ll be there by your side. When this son of a bitch comes to take you, it’ll have to take you over my cold dead body.”
Fear flashed across her face and her body trembled. I’ve never seen Jean like this before.
“No Logan. I have to do this on my own. I’m not letting anymore friends get hurt because of me.” Tears welled up in her eyes, like tiny gems. “I don’t deserve to live.”
She stood up, glancing at the door.
“I need to go Logan, I need to see Scott before it finds me, while there’s still time.”
I shot up of the stool knocking drinks flying. All eyes swooped onto us. “Don’t you dare Jean. I ain’t gonna let you go.”
Jean gave a watery smile, a smile filled with pain and sorrow. “I’m so sorry Logan.”
I tried to grab her as she lifted off the floor but I was too late. She flew out of the door in a blast of wind, causing chaos in the bar. I could only stand and stare as tables, glasses and people were thrown into the air with the force of her power. I walked through the debris, and out into daylight. She was gone.

To be concluded in Pt2!

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