Friday, 4 June 2010

Foughts and fings in mah hed.

This is a random one.
It's all my thoughts and things running through my mind collected into one shitty little blog/list in order of how much I think about them:


2. Getting coursework done before I leave y'all next week.
3. Getting a haircut before I leave for Florida, other wise it'll probably suffocate me in the heat.
4. Thinking about new ideas for my YouTube material once I get an UltraFlip HD camera.
5. Quite pleased with the progress made on my "Long way Home" story.
6. Horrified of the lack of progress made with my Ren Ai.
7. Wondering whether it'd be possible to snatch JK Rowling at the opening of the Harry Potter theme park on June 18th.
8. Worried a little of the gurd stuff I'm gonna miss at college when I go away; especially missing the Showcase :(
9. Wondering whether my Dad will actually be foolish enough to buy an iPad in Florida like he's been hinting at.
10. Praying I won't burn to a crisp in the american sun.

That's about it, either way, when I leave for the hotel at the airport on thursday all these worries will have been abolished and solved. And I'll no longer have a mop on my head. Good stuff.


  1. im worried about NUMBA 2 as well

  2. Good, I'm glad y'all worried! That means I'm doing my job!