Friday, 26 February 2010

Review for Gamenoob

Hai douches.

I wrote my review of Bioshock 2 today and it's now up on Gamenoob here:

I'm now officially on the Gamenoob team as one of their reviewers (There's three in the review team now).

Very happy cause it'll help get mah name out there and it's something to put on my CV.

Be sure to check out the website. It's fairly new but it's already picking up quite a bit of traffic. Oh and comment on my review, I need some opinions and it helps the reputation of the site.

Thanks a lot guyz.


  1. looks like nice balanced review! with a small amount of ADAM, i mean training, you could work for IGN! but we really want you working IN the industry right?

  2. Yeah course I want to work in the industry but I'm more the creative force behind the games. Writing for a website will just broaden my horizons :D