Saturday, 2 January 2010

The nightmare on Meadow Close.

I'm here today to tell you a tale. A tale of tragedy, dispair, deception and heartbreak.

There was once a young boy, perfectly happy in life with plenty of friends, a steady income of money and a loving family. However.. this boy's life was to be turned upside down one fateful evening.

The wind whistled and the rain lashed against the windows as he drew the curtains in his bedroom to shut out the stormy night. The glow of the TV and the almighty SHOOOM of his trusty Xbox 360 gave the boy comfort knowing that no matter how bad things got outside he would always have Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2 and World At War to keep him company with hours of entertainment.

The night went on and the boy battled his way through waves and waves of zombies, the final safepoint in view and that wonderful Achievement of accomplishing the Swamp mission shining like a beacon of hope. At this point a surge of the undead hurtled over the fences and through the boggy undergrowth over whelming the boy and his hillbilly companions. His healthbar was wavering dangerously low with no chance of healing himself. The outlook was bleak.


A pipebomb. This handy item lay forgotten in the inventory, an unused icon. He withdrew it from his pocket and threw the explosive, leaving a bright red trail of light behind it. A trail of hope. The bomb landed at the perfect distance attracting the hordes of attacking flesh eating zombies.

The boy stood there calling his friends to follow him to the safe room, the bomb had a matter of seconds before it went off freeing the area so they could finally reach the end of the level.

Without warning the television let out a twisted piercing scream of agony and the display of soon to be redead zombies, contorted into a deathly pixelated mess.

Time stood still.

The boy sat there, breathing heavily, his hand went limp dropping the controller to the floor.

It was over.

He restarted the console with baited breath and tried a new game; World At War, within ten minutes of igniting the Nazi scum with petrol bombs the Xbox 360 crumpled with the same pixelated garble and shrill beeps and boops from the TV.

The last time he tried was with The Ballad of Gay Tony. The same happened again in the middle of a car chase at four wanted stars.

This signalled the death of his beloved.

The death of his Xbox 360.

Yeah so that was my day.

I have one thing to say to that;



  1. the boy should "console" himself with his ability to do great things at his college course!

  2. Oh man, that utterly sucks.... we'll let you play on the college xbox360, no probs!

  3. thats to bad man. i got the ring of death but managed to sort it out with the towel trick. ive recently traded my xbox in for a shiny new elite and never looked back lol. i cannot believe how quiet it is either. my old xbox sounds like a plane getting ready to take off when the fans kick in lol

  4. yeah they are like jumbo jets! I'm getting an Elite tomorrow hopefully and I'll get a couple of free games with it so all is not lost :) At least with buying an elite instead of getting a repair I'll feel like my money has gone somewhere.